Why use a copy editor?

Whenever you write, you want to get your point across. Whether it’s an academic paper, a magazine article, an advert or simply a letter, it is essential for your message to be fully understood. Only then can the writing achieve its objectives.

If something is worth writing, then it’s worth writing well. And if it is to be published, high quality is even more essential.

Sentence construction, phrasing, vocabulary, punctuation, fact checking, layout….all these factors contribute to the quality of the writing and help the author’s message to be understood by its target audience. And poorly presented written material can have the opposite effect.

If it is composed and worded to a high standard, your writing will have the best chance of making its point. Otherwise it’s a wasted opportunity.

However, with so many competing demands on your time and attention, you really may not have the time or inclination to re-read, check and amend all your written material – but this is where I might be able to help. Having an important document scrutinised by a ‘second pair of eyes’ can often reveal text errors or ambiguous meanings which the writer, who has been immersed in composing the document, may have overlooked.

Whatever your written project, I would love to get to work on fine-tuning it, with the aim of presenting your message in the best possible form to its target audience.

If you think I could be of assistance, I would be very pleased to hear from you.