Practical details

I would usually expect to work on copy-editing or proof-reading projects using ‘track changes’ in the Microsoft Word format. It would therefore be helpful if documents could be sent to me by email in this format.

I would normally expect to return (by email) a completed edited and proof-read document of up to ten thousand words within four working days of receipt of the original.

My typical charges for copy-editing or proof-reading are explained on my ‘Costs’ page. If a project required me to spend significant time verifying information through research on the internet, an additional charge would be made for the time involved in such research. Examples of such research would be the checking of factual, historical or technical information, or verifying the publication details listed in a lengthy bibliography.

I am happy to work on projects relating to a wide range of issues, but would also particularly welcome dealing with content and subjects in which I already have specialised or background knowledge (see my ‘Background’ page). However, there will be some subjects which fall outside my existing field of knowledge, and which I might feel less qualified to usefully work on. In such cases I might have to suggest that you contact an editor with more specific knowledge and experience. I reserve the right to decline work which I consider to be unsuitable due to explicit or profane content.