“Pete has proof-read several planning reports and appeal statements on my behalf, and he has always met agreed deadlines and been extremely thorough and diligent in checking and correcting the documents. His contributions have been very helpful and the content, structure and presentation of my work has benefited from his considered scrutiny and overview.” – Dyanne Humphreys (planning consultant, Worcestershire)

“Thank you for your help with my PhD thesis – your input was greatly needed and valued. I will certainly be recommending you to others.” – Rita Forde (research fellow, King’s College London)

“Thank you for your very thorough approach to checking both the text and the map details – your careful eye spotted some crucial mistakes before publication! Thank you also for prioritising this job due to our tight deadline.” – ‘Rootmap’ project (University of Edinburgh)

“Pete provided an extremely beneficial service in proof-reading a complex planning application design statement concerning a controversial housing development. His attention to detail, grammatical expertise and non-pedantic approach enabled him to correct my errors and suggest amendments. The result was a report written by me, in my style, albeit vastly improved!” – Sarah Hanson (planning consultant, Herefordshire)

“Thank you most sincerely for all the work you have done on the proof of ‘RTNG’. The various changes have added greatly to the writing.” – Canon Michael Cole

“I just want to say how we appreciate the work you have undertaken on proof reading our booklet… have improved the quality by your very careful corrections.” – Ray George (Nationwide Christian Trust)

“A brilliant edit – very much improved! Thank you for your expertise.” – Rev Dr Gavin Ashenden