My normal charge for copy-editing and proof-reading is on the basis of £8 per 1000 words, or part thereof (e.g. for editing a document 5300 words in length I would charge 6 x £8). The cost would be assessed according to the number of words in the completed, edited document.

However, if a document is particularly complex (for example requiring detailed research on the internet to corroborate information), or has been written by a person for whom English is not their native language, it may be necessary to charge a higher rate on account of the additional time needed for the task.

Before quoting a price for the project I will always ask to see a sample of the document concerned, in order to assess the nature and complexity of the work.

Checking of bibliographies will be charged at £10 per 1000 words, or part thereof.

If a project needs to be undertaken particularly urgently an additional charge of up to 50% may be necessary, depending on my workload at the time.

On completion of a project, my invoice will be sent by email along with the final edited document. Payment is preferred via bank transfer or cheque, but can also be accepted via PayPal (subject to an additional charge of 4% to cover the fees levied by PayPal).