I spent much of my career in local government development planning work, primarily in Somerset and then Shropshire, where I am now based. Most of my working time was occupied in the writing and editing of complex reports, for which a very high standard of English was required. In effect, therefore, I was a professional writer for 30 years.

Throughout this time I was responsible for writing many hundreds of technical reports on planning applications, a significant proportion of these involving complex and controversial cases, including detailed statements as a witness in public inquiries into planning appeals relating to large-scale developments. I am therefore very experienced in ensuring accuracy and appropriate wording concerning technically complex and often sensitive issues.

In addition to my professional career I have pursued various other interests, devoted much leisure time to cycling, walking and music, and have also lived and worked in Israel and Canada. Through these experiences I have over the years developed a range of interests and knowledge well beyond the scope of my planning work. My particular areas of knowledge and experience include:

  • Development planning and building
  • Rural environment, conservation, recreation and wildlife issues
  • British geography and landscape character
  • Cycling (competitive and recreational)
  • Music (classical and non-classical)
  • British history and politics
  • British transport history (particularly railways)
  • History, geography and culture of Israel
  • Judaeo-Christian theology, history, cultural and geographical roots.